Fall wishlist

Heyy girls, how are you??It's getting colder here so I need to change my summer closet.There are a few things which I want to buy for the coming autumn and I will show you what I have on my wishlist for this season:
1.Dark skinny jeans perfect for rainy days.

2.White ordinary shirt which is great for everyday and when you are in a hurry.

3.I'm not sure what  those types of sweaters with the buttons are called but you get the idea :) It's great for colder weather instead of jacket.

4.Big handbag just like Louis Vuitton's bags.

5.High heel sneakers which are super fashionable here at the moment.Maybe not exactly the same colour as these but we will see :)

6.And finally a long necklace which goes down almost to your waist.

Well these are my wishes for a fall outfit and as soon as I get all the parts I will post some pictures showing you what I managed to buy.What are your fall picks?I will be happy to know them and get some ideas for outfits :) xoxo

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