French manicure with zebra print

Hi girls how are you?I'm on my vacation right now and I found some free time and I decided to show you how I do my french manicure with the modern zebra print.The nail polishes I used are these:
All three are from golden rose and are between 2-3$ so it's super cheap to do this manicure.
1.First you put the white nail polish on your nails like this:
It doesn't have to be perfect so don't worry if your line isn't perfect.
2.Then you draw a thin black line:
Now you must have the normal french manicure which is so popular the last couple of years.
3.The last and final step is to draw the zebra print which is super easy because you must draw the lines as you like-horizontally on the nail.They can be thin or not,just make them as you wish:

It should be messy,at least there's no perfect zebra print.
4.The final step is to put a top coat so your manicure can stay longer without chipping.
For me this is cute,easy and fast manicure to do and it looks like you did it at the salon!
Hope you enjoy it!Have a great week :) xoxo

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  1. Много идейно и подходящо за лятото!:)