What's in my beach bag?

Hi girls how are you? It is so sunny outside and everybody wants to go to the beach or to the pool and get some tan.I already got mine and I'm super happy with it :)) But you mustn't forget that you have to use some protection from the sun otherwise you can easily get sunburnt or do even bigger damage to your skin.In this post I will be showing you what I and my boyfriend used during our little vacation at the seaside.

I used this thermo bag by Avon which is supposed to keep everything in it cold and I am pretty happy with it-it really did it work.
These are the products we took with us to the beach.

As you can see they are with different SPF and this is because me and my boyfriend are with different skintones-his skin is light and mine is medium so we need products with different SPF in them.

The first two products are from Avon-body spray with SPF 15 and body spray with SPF 25 which I used on my face.

The second two products are with higher sun protection which my boyfriend used-La Roche-Posay body lotion for kids with SPF 50+ which I think is their highest SPF and Avene lotion with SPF 50+ which he used for his face.

The last two products which we used at the beach were Vichy's and Avene's thermal waters which were great when you were too hot.If you want to know what I think about Avene thermal water you can click here.
I will make reviews to most of the products in case you are interested and you want to know my opinion about them.I wish you great summer and don't forget your suncream! :)


  1. Аз принципно нося слънцезащитата, балсам за устни и четка за коса с огледалце... И книга :)