Classy prom makeup with drugstore products

Prom is one of the occasions when every girl wants to be a princess.For this special day we spend sometimes hundreds of dollars for dress,shoes,makeup,hair,car etc. In my country if you want your makeup to be done by MAC makeup artist it costs 100-150$ (not affordable for a makeup for just 1 day).So when my cousin's prom day got closer I decided to do her makeup and save her some money :)

Here is what I used for the makeup look: 

First you can put some face cream if you don't have a makeup base.You must wait a couple of minutes and then add the foundation which is Fresh Face in colour Ivory Beige by Avon-3.50$

Then you must put face powder which is by Avon again and it looks like this:

It costs 4.90$
For the eyes I used eye shadow pallete which is from Classics and it looks like this:
It's 5.90$

I took the bottom colour which is the lightest colour and put it all over the eyelid like a base colour:

Then I put the darkest brown which is the 3rd colour from bottom to the top of the pallete all over the lid but not under the eyebrow:

And last you put the first shadow from the top to the bottom which is almost black on the outer corner and up to the crease and make sure you smuge it so it doesn't look too dark.Then you can apply fake eyelashes if you want and put a mascara-mine is Colour Trend in colour Black by Avon 3.90$.

For the rest of the face:You can take one of the colour from the eyeshadow pallete which suits your eyebrows and do them if you need and for the cheeks I used a blush from classics number 202 which looks like this(6.50$):

On the lips I put a lipstick from Avon 2.90$ which is this one:
With this the whole makeup is done and we are ready for the prom :)

The whole makeup cost me around 28$! :)

So there it is possible to look great with just drugstore products!

                                            Enjoy your prom girls! xoxo


  1. you look lovely :)
    love your eye make-up
    chanelle jade x